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... new to the Minneapolis music scene with an adult contemporary sound decades in the making. The band offers a compelling take on the classic four-piece pop rock band with an all-original set list heavily influenced by everyone from the Beatles to the Crickets and the Eagles to the Crowes. Whose Life’s diverse musical and lyrical styles take the audience along an energetic and emotional journey ultimately culminating in the desire for more.


Whose Life is four lifelong musicians that have entertained audiences throughout the Midwest for more than 30 years. Jim Plewacki (guitar, vocals), most recently from Ashes for April, and Ryan Paul and the Ardent, brings a Clapton/Hendrix flavor in both his playing and writing. Paul Plumb (keyboards, vocals) has played as a hired gun for many local acts and unleashes his ultra-creative musicality in Whose Life. Bryan Forrester (Bass, Vocals) is a staple in the local studio scene both behind the board and behind the bass. He has plucked the strings for Gypsy, Headliner and Diamondhead in his past life.  Finally, Dan Nelson (Drums), formerly of Rex Rey and another studio and live hired gun,  creates a backbeat with a pocket so deep that listeners can’t help but fall in.


Whose Life expects to release their first CD the in the spring of 2019.

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